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Syntekabio Launches Revolutionary New Data Services for Omics-Focused Biomedical R&D

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Proprietary search engine, data mining, and data analytics tools will help R&D institutions, bioinformatics companies, and medical institutions leverage more available information.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

For the first time, the omics-focused biomedical research and development community will be able to quickly access more than 750 million records in public biomedical databases.

Utilizing proprietary, superfast data-search technology, the commercial version of Syntekabio’s Records Virtual Rack (RVR), soon to be available at, provides search and data mining capability for ever-increasing publically-available omics research and information. In addition to the commercial launch of the RVR platform, Syntekabio is releasing integrated workflow and analytics pipeline applications, providing even more opportunities for biomedical advances.

The cloud-based application BioMap is composed of workflows that enable hypothesis generation and candidate/target validation by calculating and analyzing the content associations and statistical correlations of omics data available in the public biomedical databases. The automatic workflows then render a concise and top-down overview of reports and graphics for any target and any combination of candidates encompassing genes, chemical compounds, SNP, PPI, pathway candidates, epitopes, bio patents, diseases, blockbuster drugs, NGS data, and more.

Syntekabio’s analytics pipeline application NGS-pL allows researchers to better take advantage of the expanding body of genomics data available by leveraging powerful HPC technology, cost-effective GP-GPU systems, and the proprietary search engine RVR. It takes only one to two days to complete the entire analysis process including genome assembly, molecular simulation, extraction of DNA, exome sequencing, variomic collection, simulation of mutation, and the suggestion of possible causes of drug resistance.

“With the right search engine, data mining, and big data analytics tools built on the comprehensively integrated biomedical database, the possibilities are literally endless,” said Syntekabio’s founder and CEO, Dr. Jongsun Jung. “Up until now, in silico biology has been heavily focused on pipeline management and internal data integration and analysis while missing the point of systems biology. The prime mover of biotechnology is high throughput omics studies that don’t move ahead as fast as expected. Nor is their result used in translational medicine for disease diagnostics and prevention. Our tools allow researchers to overcome this failure by leveraging the knowledge base of all accumulated datasets.” With Syntekabio’s in silico tools, life science R&D institutions, bioinformatics companies, and medical institutions will find practical help in a wide variety of areas, including similarity search and analysis in bio data, association analysis (identification of co-occurring bio-sequences or other correlated patterns), frequent pattern-based cluster analysis, pathway analysis, top-down data mapping including visual data mining, privacy-preserving mining of biomedical data, and, most of all, the immediate utilization of next generation sequencing data in translational medicine.

For more information on the RVR platform, BioMap, and NGS-pL, please contact Syntekabio at cs (at) syntekabio (dot) com. About Syntekabio

Founded in 2009, Syntekabio develops biomedical data mining and analytics solutions that help end users and decision-makers in clinical R&D to access, analyze, and visualize omics data. They are the first developer to integrate public biomedical databases of more than 750 million records and provide top-down biology workflows in a single search engine. Syntekabio is committed to making personalized medicine a reality by leveraging genomics and creating disease risk assessment tools.

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