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AI Bio-Supercom Center

The core resource that underpins the factory-like production system is the infrastructure of the ABS Center. The Daejeon Dungok ABS Center, which commenced operations in October last year, has optimized our supercomputing infrastructure and established a new drug cloud environment, completing a system that enables continuous derivation of candidate materials based on artificial intelligence models.

ABS Center Infrastructure

AI Bio-Supercom Center

The bio supercomputer at the ABS Center is a crucial resource for drug development, closely integrating supercomputing and AI systems to model molecular interactions and predict potential drug candidates. Supercomputing technology is tightly coupled with AI systems to enable highly precise simulations and modeling in drug development. The supercomputing at ABS Center, especially our supercomputing specialized in bioanalysis, is a parallel distributed processing operating system that incorporates multiple computer system resources to handle complex and data-intensive problems in parallel. It has demonstrated top performance in parallel distributed processing. This is crucially essential for AI drug development applications requiring large-scale computing capacity.

With 1 slot (CPU100+GPU100) configuration, the Hit screening project can start from 1 billion ZINC screening, generating up to 100,000 conformers, and ultimately deriving candidate materials through 3D-CNN and DM simulation within two weeks. Additionally, the performance of 25 slots, consisting of CPU 2,500 units (40,000 cores) and GPU 2,500 units, enables the operational capacity to concurrently conduct drug candidate hit discovery for 25 targets.

Designed with a natural convection-based heat dissipation structure, the ABS Center operates with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ranging from 0.95 to 1.1, utilizing maximum airflow through the natural convection structure without the use of constant temperature and humidity control systems. This environmentally friendly supercomputer center demonstrates outstanding excellence in electricity cost savings.

ABS Center, with a land scale of 10,000m2, opened its first center in October 2023. The first center, a four-story building, currently houses approximately 5,000 servers on the second and third floors as of Q1 2024, producing AI drug candidate materials on a factory-wide scale. The fourth-floor cloud room operates as an idea incubator for AI drug development and hosts various activities including business meetings for global partners, collaboration with new startups, and AI drug development technology education. Plans for the construction of the second and third centers are pending, along with the expansion of server capacity in the future.