AI Drug discovery at your fingertips

Discovery & Development

This is the one-stop service based on the 'DeepMatcher®' technology. This comprehensive service, from AI-based hit screening to preclinical candidate materials within two years, offers an end-to-end package solution, adept at addressing your challenging issues and demands to mitigate drug development risks.

What We Offer

One-stop-shop with technologies and services to rapidly generate and optimize drug candidates from target to IND-enabling. Our disease-agnostic platform continuously generates a constant stream of hits, leads, and drug candidates that are readily available for purchase. We also provide tailored drug discovery services.


  • Starting Point
  • FDA Approved Drug
  • Target Protein
  • Peptide Drug
  • Indication (Multiple Targets)
  • Deliverables (First and/or Best-in-case)
  • Novel Small Molecule or New indication
  • Novel Small Molecule
  • Novel Small Molecule
  • Novel Small Molecule or
    Combination Therapy
  • IND Enabled Package Option
  • Yes or Phase II
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Our robust AI infrastructure includes CLOUD-based supercomputing, strategic learning models, and scalable end-to-end automated solutions for drug discovery, compound synthesis, and validation in the lab. This can seamlessly integrate into our partner's development processes while accelerating overall project speed and efficiency. Our custom workflows are supported by our proprietary STB CLOUD within the AI Bio-Supercomputing Center.