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"Syntekabio has developed Genome Bigdata Source Technology."

Syntekabio collects NGS sequencing data from thousands of people from various races around the world, and analyzes the genome with MAHA supercomputing technology. The analyzed data is generated by Syntekabio's own technology, Adiscan engine, into three DBs: Allele Depth, Genotype, and Haplotype. These three DBs are stored as “MAHA-FsDx”, a high-speed parallel distributed storage for big data, and complete as genome-integrated data. The technology to generate and operate such genome big data is called genome map platform technology, and the system developed as an in-house version is called personal genome map (PMAP).

And, in particular, a mini system based on PMAP for the purpose of hospital precision medicine such as cancer drug screening and rare disease diagnosis is NGS-ARS (Next generation sequencing automatic report system). NGS-ARS is used in several hospitals and distributed as a product called NGS-ARS (Automatic Genome Report).

*What is ADISCAN engine? It is a bio software that extracts the entire genome of an individual into one long string, and is Syntekabio's own technology.
pmap flow
pmap flow


"Syntekabio has been developing haplotyping technologies for HLA, KIR, CYP and ABO based on full-length exome sequencing (WES)."

Haplotyping consists of [1] HLA gene (histocompatibility test), [2] KIR (killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor), [3] CYP gene (drug metabolism), and [4] ABO gene ( blood ). And especially, it is used to calculate genotype of highly polymorphic regions of genes in whole exome sequencing (WES). Currently, the typing of [1] HLA and [2] KIR genes have been published in SCI journal, and more than 30 domestic and foreign institutions are using it.

Syntekabio successfully completed a US patent application for an algorithm that calculates genotypes based on the recently developed HLAtyping technology, that is, the stratification technology.

In particular, the use of [1]HLA gene (histocompatibility test) and [2]KIR is as follows.

In all higher animals, when tissue transplantation is performed between different individuals, the recipient's immune system recognizes the tissues of others and rejects them. Therefore, a tissue compatibility test should be performed for patients and donors requiring tissue transplantation, and in order to minimize rejection and increase the transplant success rate, the HLA type of the patient and donor should be similar or identical. Syntekabio is a big data-based program that accurately predicts the type of HLA to check the tissue suitability required for organ transplantation, as well as provide information related to individual identification and disease susceptibility.

[3]CYP gene and [4]ABO gene utilization are as follows.

Humans are constantly exposed to numerous foods, nutrients, and drugs. In particular, most of the drugs used for the treatment and prevention of diseases are exogenous substances (xenobiotics) that do not exist in the human body. When substances that our body has never experienced before enter the body, we try to send them out of the body. Metabolism is one of the most active human activities that send exogenous drugs out of the body.

Recent research shows that the optimal drug and dose can be predicted using different genotypes for each individual. As the human base sequence is deciphered and the functions of some genes are revealed, it is revealed that various genotypes related to drug response are closely related to the expression of drug efficacy or the occurrence of adverse reactions.

"Whole exome sequencing (WES) data-based haplotyping can be used in various fields."

hla 이용분야 장기이식, 제대혈이식 등
Organ transplantation, drug metabolism, blood & bone marrow transplantation, stem cell therapy, etc.: Essentially performed to select an appropriate donor
hla 이용분야 장기이식, 제대혈이식 등
Auxiliary methods for disease diagnosis: Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, etc. closely related to specific HLA types
hla 이용분야 장기이식, 제대혈이식 등
Forensic Science: Personal identification such as paternity identification, criminal identification, etc.
hla 이용분야 장기이식, 제대혈이식 등
Other fields using HLA: Genetic related research, immunology research, genetic analysis analogous data, etc.

MAHA Supercom

"Syntekabio has a high-performance Supercomputing Environment for AI drug platform and Genomic Bigdata."

Recently, with the rapid development of the bio industry, genome sequencing has rapidly increased, and MAHA supercomputing technology for more accurate and faster processing of genome analysis was developed at ETRI and transferred to Syntekabio. Here, MAHA (MAny-core Hpc system for bio-Application) is an abbreviation made similar to the Korean pronunciation of English Mach, and MAHA-FS is a file system for parallel distributed computing to lower data processing cost. This MAHA supercomputing system is being used in various fields such as AI drug platform and Genomic Bigdata analysis.

“Compared to the world's best Luster system, the MAHA supercomputing system is more economical in terms of storage space, capacity, and performance.”

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