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A path Syntekabio has followed.


11. Signed MOU with JW Pharmaceutical for development of innovative new drug

08. Signed strategic MOU with KT to build an AI supercomputer center

04. Purchased a site for construction of AI Supercomputing Center (Dungok District, Daejeon, South Korea)

03. Signed MOU with GL PharmTech

03. Signed Strategic Partnership Agreement with SLS Bio for joint establishment of immune monitoring assays

01. Signed Joint Research Agreement with Hanmi Science for COVID-19 drug repositioning

01. Invited to JP Morgan Healthcare Conference


12. KR patent registered (composition patent for treating SARS-CoV-2 infection disease)

09. Signed MOU with KIMCo, Naver Business Platform, and AI Center

07. Signed MOU with Ajou University

06. Selected as ‘Excellent Case of DNA (Data·Network·AI) Innovation Company in June 2020’ by the Ministry of Science and ICT

06. Signed Joint R&D Agreement with KRIBB for COVID19 drug repositioning project

05. Presented preclinical results of STB-C017 at AACR 2020

03. Signed Joint Research Agreement with Chungnam National University Hospital for collaboration on precision medicine

02. Signed MOU with Arctoris (UK)

01. Signed Joint R&D Agreement with LegoChem Biosciences for AI drug discovery

01. Invited to JP Morgan Healthcare Conference


12. Listed on the KOSDAQ

06. Closed series C funding round led by Yuhan Corporation, Saehan Venture Capital, and Timewise (19.7B KRW)

05. Established In silico Clinical Research Center (Daejeon, South Korea)

05. Signed MOU with SCM Life Science

03. In-licensing of immune-oncology drug candidate (jointly discovered with CJ Healthcare)

01. Invited to JP Morgan Healthcare Conference


12. Collaboration contract for the Precision Medical Center of 'Yonsei Severance Hospital' (disease)

12. Genetic Integration Core Technology Paper (BMC Bioinformatics 2018)

11. Joint Research Agreement with 'JW Pharmaceutical' (Preditive Biomarker)

06. Genetic Variation Detection Algorithm ADIscan Verification Paper (Nucleic Acid Res 2018)

06. New drug development model based on deep learning CDRscan POC thesis (Sci Rep 2018)

05. Collaboration contract of the Medical Center of 'Inha University Hospital'(cancer disease)

05. SeriesB Investment Attraction(12 billion won, smilegate · KDB Bank)

05. Joint Study on the Use of Big Data-Based AI with 'JW Pharmaceutical'

04. Joint research and collaboration MOUs with 'yuhan corporation'

04. Agreements with the 'Naver Business Platform'


12. Contract of Research Services with 'CJ Healthcare'(Finding new active substance)

11. Joint study MOU with 'Yonsei Severance Hospital'

08. Journal of Clinical Verification for NGS Examination of Rare Diseases(Sci rep 2017)

06. KFDA WS GMP Certification

HLAscan Accuracy Verification Paper
(BMC Bioinformatics 2017)

02. Inha University Hospital Precision Medicine Inititive MOU


11. Joint research contract for new drugs with 'Kainos Medicine' and Parkinson's disease

10. Chronic Disease Management joint research MOU with ‘Huray Positive’

10. Strategic business alliance MOU with ‘Oracle Medical’

09. Parkinson Disease new drug joint research MOU with ‘Kainosmed’

08. Strategic collaboration3 partnership MOU with ‘Toolgen’

06. SeriesA Investment Attraction(6 billion won, Altos Ventures, etc.)

06. Obtained ‘New Excellent Technology’ related to genetic disease screening

01. Registered as genetic testing agency of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


11. Introduction of Dx NGS equipment permitted by Ministry of food and drug

09. Colorectal cancer/ breast cancer market technology transfer with KIST theragnosis research team

08. Established Seoul Business Center and Cheongju Supercom Center

08. Moved to head office to Daejeon Migeon Techno World II

02. PMAP (Personal Genomic Map) Automatically Generated Beta Version Completed


03. Konkuk University Hospital & Konkuk Medical Graduate School BK21 Business team MOU

04. Selected as Research Instutute by Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)


12. Selected as “2020 Future 100 Technology and leaders”

04. RVR DBMS / Search System US Patent Office Registration Decision

04. Technology/ sales cooperation MOU with SLS medical diagnostic testingcompany.


02. Completion of Genome Analysis Platform (NGS-pL)

01. Integrated genome integration service of next-generation personalized medical genome project team’


08. Next-Generation Personalized Medical Genome Project Consolidation Service

04. Established research center (Post-OMICS)


07. Establizhed business headquarter at Silicon Valley, CA, USA.

06. Moved to Korea Institute of Science and Technology venture center


12. Technology Guarantee Fund Venture Certification

10. Changed company name and CEO: Syntekabio Inc.

08. Established. Yoobiori