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Vision & Mission

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Genomic Big Data & AI Drug Company

"Syntekabio is an AI drug development company based on genome big data."

Syntekabio Co., Ltd. is a bio venture company established in 2009. After the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) invested in 'Supercomputing Technology for Genomic Big Data' in 2014, the company has grown into an IT & Bio convergence venture with the title of goverment-invested research oriented company. In December 2019, it was listed on the KOSDAQ and successfully graduated from the ETRI Research Institute.

신테카바이오 회사 이미지

Business field

Supercom-based Genomic Big data and in silico Drug development

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Syntekabio automatically creates new drug candidates using DeepMatcher, an AI drug development platform that combines new drug development technology and genomic big data technology, such as biomarkers for individual cancer drug screening and disease susceptibility by immunotyping, pharmacogenomic typing, and predicting multi-omics information-based drug adverse effects, etc. In addition, we have been leading the development of new antigen prediction technology that can be used together with therapeutic vaccines and cell therapy products, and prediction of antibody therapeutics in the near future.

"Genome Big data-based AI drug development?"

Genomic big data is used for the purpose of precision medicine and customized drugs that fit individual genes, and the word, " AI drug ", can be said to "develop new drugs through artificial intelligence analysis." And also, you can see that " Big data and supercomputing technology are essential " to make AI drugs. Here, another hidden meaning of the AI is that through AI deep learning, the calculation of a clearly defined area of a problem has already far surpassed human capabilities in speed and precision. Therefore, the detailed meaning of " Genomic big data-based AI drug development " can be summarized as " Developing ultra-fast, precisely tailored new drugs using genome big data and supercomputing technology".


This is Syntekabio's competitiveness to practice HT, which is a fusion of IT+BT+DT.


Genomic Big data technology

Genomic big data is the source data for discovering “ genetic biomarkers ” of individual patients. And, due to the commercialization of Illumina next-generation sequencing technology in 2011, individual genome information became available at a low price, and the key to discovering “ genetic biomarkers ” needed for precision medicine and customized drugs through the integrated genome information of tens of thousands of people. These “ genetic biomarkers ” are becoming a major agenda in the battlefield between global big pharmaceuticals to quickly and easily obtain clinical approval from FDA/EMA. Syntekabio already secured domestic patent registration for the original method technology for discovering these “ genetic biomarkers ” several years ago, and this technology is currently undergoing US patent examination. In addition, we have published several bioinformatics algorithm SCI papers ( ADIscan, HLAscan and CDRscan) and 3 global consortium papers (Science, Nature) in the genome technology domain.

Chemical Big data technology

When an active substance (Hit) is discovered and the project is started with a lead substance after that. Therefore, in order for a lead substance to advance into the new drug pipeline, first, it is possible to automatically search for substances including scaffolds and various derivatives thereof in compound big data. In addition, advanced softwares for automatically generating derivatives for first-in-class candidates that do not exist in compound big data are also essential. And when the first automatic optimization of the candidate material is completed, then, the second manual optimization is essential, and automatic/manual optimization is continuously performed. Syntekabio is building such a system.

AI Drug Platform, Supercomputing, and Big data Infrastructure

Currently, we have a three-dimensional protein structure AI model (DeepMatcher) of about 600 target genes for thousands of indications and an experimental verification network thereof, and are operating a number of new drug development projects based on supercomputing. Therefore, for continuous search and optimization, AI-Supercom Center (4,000 high-performance servers) plays an important role, and high-performance servers, GPGPU, and large-capacity storage are currently being operated.

President's Message


Syntekabio begins to leap forward as a leader in the 4th Bio-Health Industry.

Syntekabio, a genomic big data company, has been working hard to establish a precision medicine and AI drug development system. With the advent of Illumina's next-generation genome sequencer, population-level genome data integration and customized genetic biomarkers for individual patients are possible, and therefore, AI drug platforms for customized treatments are becoming a major part of the bio-health field. It is becoming the core of the 4th bio-industry.

Accordingly, Syntekabio intends to contribute to the genetic susceptibility and early diagnosis of various diseases that have been difficult to interpret, and to utilize an AI drug development platform that combines new drug development and diagnosis technology. We plan to further focus on technology investment and development until the point where diagnosis and therapeutics converge to create a synergistic effect.

Syntekabio will develop with the goal of personal health and ultimate happiness through the most advanced technology and various R&D from disease diagnosis to AI drug platform technology.

Syntekabio Inc. President

Jongsun Jung, Ph.D.