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CI meaning

신테카바이오 CI

Symbol mark meaning

The symbol of Syntekabio represents the future-oriented goal to develop through advanced technology and various development in the field of personalized disease diagnosis through genome analysis.

The initial "S" of Syntekabio is combined with the genome to express intuitively the service of the company, and the meaning of "Synthesis" is given by symbolizing the proteome and drug bound to the genome. In addition, three circles represent information (information), bio (biology), and technology (technology), respectively, to capture the vision of Syntekabio, which fuses IT and BT industries and pioneering new markets in HT.

Logotype meaning

Syntekabio is a name that combines "Synteka", which is a synthesis of synthesis, technology, and "Biology", which is an academic source of Syntekabio business.

Based on biology, information strength with big data and technology that manages supercomputer are integrated. And finally Syntekabio leads HT industry.

Main color

Main Color

Blue, the main color, focuses on the technology, accuracy and safety of Syntekabio, which handles human genomes in colors that symbolize stability, faith and trust. Sky Blue, a sub-color, is a globally preferred color with positive and infinite meaning, showing the unlimited growth and development of Syntekabio.

신테카바이오 CI 전용 색상