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Factory-Wise Constant Streaming of Drug Candidate Production through DeepMatcher AI Drug Platform

Factory-like Drug
Discovery on
Al Bio-Supercom Center

Constant Streaming of Large Scale and Pre-made Hit, Lead and Drug Candidate Covering Major Disease Indications on STB LaunchPad

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Benefits that customers can gain from using Syntekabio’s platform we introduce our business through this

Transforming Drug Discovery :
factory-level platform,
forging breakthroughs in speed and accuracy

Pioneering drug discovery with supercomputing integration and advanced AI, delivering a Factory-level automated platform (AI Bio-Supercom Center). Efficiently generates LaunchPad for 100+ diseases targets without interruption. LaunchPad, which is readily available ("off-the-shelf"), is being utilized to generate and validate drug candidates with the potential to obtain Investigational New Drug (IND) status.

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Unlocking Efficiency :
CLOUD SaaS Technology

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows researchers to concentrate on their work without the need for complex IT infrastructure, thereby expediting research progress and streamlining processes. Continual refinement of SaaS programs is essential to tackle evolving challenges and technological limitations, providing researchers with gradual enhancements that aid in their pursuit of innovative discoveries, one step at a time

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Accelerating drug discovery :
finding shortest way

Small Molecule DRUG candidate : DeepMatcher®
DeepMatcher® utilizes AI to predict the three-dimensional structure of protein-compound binding, calculate binding affinities, and select optimal structures. Through molecular dynamics simulations, thereby yielding more accurate results.

Neoantigen prediction platform: NEO-ARS®
AI neoantigen prediction platform integrates tumor heterogeneity and immunological knowledge, utilizing tailored algorithms with consideration for experimental validation, capable of: 1) developing personalized cancer vaccines, and 2) contributing to the development of universal (off-the-shelf) cancer vaccines.

Antibody DRUG candidate : Ab-ARS®
Ab-ARS®'s CDR generator provides a solution that addresses accuracy, efficiency, and speed issues through CDR prediction generation based on complex antibody structures and the diversity of CDRs, while considering therapeutic efficacy.

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Our Service

Innovation in independent
AI new drug discovery

Pre-made Based Factory-Like Platform

Our disease-agnostic platform continuously generates a constant stream of hits,
leads, and drug candidates that are readily available for purchase. We also provide tailored drug discovery services. Not Only Discovery, Add Your Choice!

Software as a Service

Our company has functionally segmented the entire process of AI drug development and clinical genomics analysis into step-by-step modules and created the "CLOUD-SaaS” service applying CLOUD supercomputing automation processes. Each service is readily accessible on our STB CLOUD website.

Discovery & Development

This is the one-stop service DDC (DeepMatcher® Drug Candidate) based on the 'DeepMatcher®' technology. This service, starting from AI-based hit screening for targets to in-vitro validation, completes the derivation of preclinical candidate substances within two years, offering a comprehensive A to Z package service.

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We lead with AI and supercomputing technology

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Supercom Center

Our established ABS center adopts state-of-the-art supercomputing technology to continuously explore new drug candidates. Through this, we provide high-quality services and products to our customers.


With excellent automation and distributed processing technology in the STB CLOUD, we can screen a library of one billion compounds.

Druggable compound

The protein targets of the pre-made candidates cover 60-70% of major diseases currently under development. Syntekabio has identified over 100 targets to accelerate the discovery of new drug candidates and provide medications to more patients.


Small Molecule Drug, Neoantigen, Cell therapy, Antibody Drug, Drug Repurposing, Combination Therapy, Biomarker, Clinical Genomic Analysis

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