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Syntekabio and MDBioLab Collaborate on Groundbreaking Anticancer Research (226330:KOSDAQ)

Syntekabio’s AI platform DeepMatcher® will verify and expand the application of MD102 developed by MDBioLab


[New York, NY, Oct. 12]–Syntekabio (226330:KOSDAQ), an AI drug discovery and development company, announced a joint research partnership with MDBioLab, an innovative new anticancer drug development company based in South Korea.


Syntekabio’s AI platform DeepMatcher® is used to predict compound-target protein binding to identify the mechanism of action for MD102, an oral delivery drug candidate for the indications for renal cell carcinoma and triple-negative breast cancer developed by MDBioLab. DeepMatcher® is also expected to support the expansion of MD102 for alternative diseases.


MD102 is the first-in-class small molecule drug candidate for an inhibitor of Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) that is a cancer-specific target to participate in both facilitating and inhibiting apoptosis, playing both anti- and pro-apoptotic roles. Its anticancer efficacy through TG2 inhibition was successfully confirmed via in vivo xenograft tumor-model test. It is currently under development as a small molecule therapeutics for kidney cancer.


TG2—the target protein of MD102—changes drastically its protein structure depending on the environment in and outside of the cell. Hence, its protein function and related diseases also vary accordingly. Both companies are confident that using DeepMatcher® to predict the interaction mechanism of MD102 and TG2 will provide a critical insight to understand the mechanism of action in details; therefore, it effectively supports future drug development strategies. DeepMatcher® is ideal for mechanism of action (MOA) research, as it examines indication expansion of existing candidates that have already been derived, and accurately screens and optimizes new candidates as well.


Hyun-chul Jung, head of R&D at MDBioLab, said, “We welcome this joint research opportunity with Syntekabio. As a global leader in AI-based drug discovery and development platforms, Syntekabio is a powerful partner to strengthen our R&D competitiveness. DeepMatcher® technology will play a crucial role in the acceleration of innovative new anti-cancer drug development projects.”


“MDBioLab is a formidable industry innovator in development of first-in-class therapeutics for anti-cancer target proteins,” said Syntekabio CEO Jong-sun Jung. “Our commitment to developing innovative new drugs is deeply rooted in the synergy based on Syntekabio’s advanced AI technology and MDBioLab’s R&D capabilities. Starting with MD102, we look forward to broadening and deepening our collaborations in the future.”


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