SYNTEKANs share our passion and great minds for ongoing challenge.

Our Benefit

We create various systems to
oppose individual life.

With an annual self-development fee of 1 million won, you can grow yourself and enjoy a balanced life through exercise and self-development.
Support For
Graduate School
You can pursue self-development with tuition support of 2 million won per year. We support self-development and work ability improvement.
Long-term worker
The longer you work, the more benefits you get, like compound interest.
We support health checkup costs. We provide health checkups not only for you but also for a loved one of your family.
Family Support
We also take care of the family, including support for condolences and funerals, and support for children's education expenses.
With efficient work, there is no need for overtime work.

Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions from Syntekabio.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

No, we only accept one application per person. Applying for multiple positions may result in disqualification. If you wish to apply for a different position after submitting your application, you can cancel your existing application in the "My Applications" section and then apply for the new position.

Can I get an interview attendance certificate?

Yes, you can get an interview attendance certificate after the selection process is complete.

Is it possible to convert from a non-regular to a regular employee?

No, the recruitment process for each employee type is separate. Therefore, we do not recruit with the expectation of converting employment types (non-regular to regular).

Can foreigners apply?

Yes, you can apply if you have a valid visa that allows you to work in the country of the position you are applying for.

What is the coding test process?

Those who are selected for the coding test will receive a separate email with instructions. Please check your email and follow the instructions.

When will I know the results of the document screening?

The document screening process takes up to 15 days. You will be notified of the results (pass/fail) by email regardless of the outcome.

I changed my phone number. Will I be disqualified if I don't update it?

You can update your phone number yourself in the "My Applications" > "Basic Information" section.

Can I include my freelance experience in my resume?

Yes, you can include your freelance experience if it is relevant to the qualifications required for the position you are applying for. However, please note that your experience may not be recognized in the recruitment process.

Can I submit a URL instead of attaching a portfolio file?

Yes, you can submit a URL. However, please note that if the URL changes or becomes unavailable after the document review, your portfolio may not be accessible.

Can I cancel or modify my submitted application?

Yes, you can cancel your application or modify your application details if the document screening is still in progress. After the document evaluation is complete, modification is not possible. If there is an error in your career information, please contact Shintakabio HR through the "Contact" section on the Shintakabio recruitment website.