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Genomic Big Data & AI Drug Discovery Company

"Our technology is at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence & Genomics Big Data. We provide AI to make pharma R&D smarter, faster, and more effective."

Syntekabio Inc. is a bioinformatics venture firm founded in 2009. It is a research institute funded by the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) '2014 supercomputing technology for genetic testing'.

Syntekabio owns Personal Genome Map Technology (PMAP) based on Big data algorithm and it is a genome Big data research institute based on in silico. Syntekabio manages and analyzes genome analysis and massive bio data and genome by with high-performance, high-efficiency supercomputer

Syntekabio acquired NET (New Excellent Technology) certified by the government with ‘genetic disease screening technology’.

Syntekabio is currently operated in head office Daejeon Genome Data Integration Center, Seoul KIST R&D Center, Seoul Business Center, Yongin In Silico Medical Research Center, Cheongju Supercom Center.

Genome Big data management
in silico medicine based on Supercomputer

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Syntekabio’s own technology, Genome Data Integration, presents a new paradigm for genomic analysis. MAHA supercomputing technology invested by ETRI enables faster and more accurate data analysis.
In addition, Syntekabio is leading the genome industry in personalized medicine with low cost and high efficiency by clinical trial of drugs using in silico 3D simulation.

- in silico: It is a technology that can study life phenomenon or design medicines using computer simulations or virtual experiments in the field of bioinformatics

- Genome Data Integration: Thousands of whole genome can be created in three types of big data, which can be used to analyze individual genes for disease analysis.

- MAHA Supercomputing: MAHA super computer funded by ETRI, lowers data-processing cost and enables genome-based disease diagnostics to operate in optimal condition.

It is a business field that realizes HT with
the convergence of IT + BT + DT



Information Technology

Syntekabio’s MAHA supercomputing technology is supercomputer specialized for genome big data which has low cost/ high efficiency compared with supercomputer designed for general use. It enables genome-based disease diagnosis and protein simulation to operate in optimal condition.


Bio Technology

Syntekabio’s own technology for collecting and integrating thousands of decrypted whole genome allows for integrated genomic data to be used for three different types of disease analysis (rare disease, disease relation, haplotyping).


Big Data Technology

Syntekabio collects genomic data by sequencing blood from thousands of different races around the world. The technique of generating and operating the collected full-length genome as three types of big data is called the personal genome map platform technology.


Healthcare Technology

Personal Genome Maps (PMAPs) can be used like encyclopedias for individual disease prevention and customized drugs. Cause of disease, genotype, cancer and rare disease is predicted. Target genes associated with disease are analyzed and accurate personalized medical services is provided. In particular, the use of genomic big data will reduce diagnostic errors to the greatest extent.